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Welcome to the Nyingma Dharma Forum: A Solemn Reminder

1. Beware of Digital Delusion: You are about to join a forum, not a monastery. If you think enlightenment comes through Wi-Fi, you're in for a surprise. Real practice happens off-screen.

2. The Forum is Not a Substitute for Meditation: Every minute you spend here is a minute not spent on your cushion. Are you sure you want to proceed?

3. The Illusion of Progress: Posting does not equal progress on the path. If your ego swells with every 'like' your Dharma quote gets, you're heading for a fall.

4. The Seduction of Spiritual Materialism: Collecting Dharma teachings without practicing them is like hoarding gold and dying of hunger. Don't be that person.

5. The Mirage of Online Sangha: Virtual companionship is a shadow of true kalyanamitra (spiritual friendship). Close your laptop and meet real practitioners.

6. The Trap of Intellectualism: Debating the Dharma can sharpen the mind, but it won't open your heart. Remember, the map is not the territory.

7. The Lure of Spiritual Titles: If you're here to be seen as a 'Dharma expert', go back to your cushion. Titles and accolades won't matter at the bardo.

8. The Danger of Misunderstanding Teachings: Without a qualified teacher, misunderstanding Dharma teachings is as easy as mistaking a rope for a snake. Are you willing to take that risk online?

9. Reminder of Impermanence: Every second you spend on this forum is a second closer to death. Use your time wisely.

10. The Final Question: Are you joining this forum to genuinely deepen your practice, or to escape the hard work that true Dharma practice demands?

By clicking "I Agree," you acknowledge the potential pitfalls of spiritual materialism inherent in online Dharma forums and vow to guard against them. Proceed with caution, humility, and a commitment to genuine practice.

Privacy Policy

Nyingma Dharma Forum Privacy Policy: The Sacred Dance of Secrecy and Openness

1. Omniscience Clause: Remember, while we respect your privacy, the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are omniscient. They know what you're up to, even if we don't.

2. The Illusion of Privacy: In the ultimate sense, there's no 'you' to have privacy and no 'us' to invade it. But let's pretend for a moment that these concepts exist.

3. Karma Cookies: We use cookies, but not the edible kind. They won't bring you closer to enlightenment, but they will make your browsing smoother. Like karma, they track your actions, but only on this site.

4. Confidentiality of Your Rebirths: We promise not to disclose your past, present, or future rebirths. That's between you and the Wheel of Samsara.

5. Mindful Data Collection: We collect data like a monk collects alms - mindfully and only what's necessary. Mainly, it's just your username, password, and the number of times you've visited the 'Enlightenment' page.

6. The Vow of Digital Silence: Our servers take a vow of silence. They won't gossip about your data to other servers. They're like the strong, silent type of Bodhisattvas.

7. The Echo of Your Words: Remember, what you post in forums echoes in eternity... or at least until our server crashes. So, be mindful of your digital speech.

8. The Mirage of Anonymity: You might think you're anonymous, but your digital footprint is like your shadow on a sunny day - always there, even when you're not looking.

9. The Impermanence of Security: While we do our best to protect your data, remember the teaching of impermanence. Nothing is hack-proof. Not even enlightenment.

10. The Ultimate Release of Information: Upon reaching enlightenment, all your personal data will be released into the void, where it truly belongs.

By using this forum, you agree to our Privacy Policy, accepting the dance of secrecy and openness in the digital age with a heart full of wisdom and a smile on your face.

May your journey on this forum be as secure as it is enlightening, and may your data, like your ego, dissolve into the great expanse of emptiness!